6 Best Turkish Supermarkets / Markets in Italy

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Do you know where you can find Turkish products in Italy?

Italy is one of the European countries where the Turkish population density is low and the availability of and access to Turkish products is limited. Also, It is very difficult to find a quality Turkish meal in Italy where most of them are the buffet-style restaurants, not serving the real Turkish cuisine. On the other hand,  there is another option. You can make these Turkish flavors at home but it is more difficult to find a Turkish market or grocery store in several major Italian cities like Milan, Torino, Roma, Bologna, etc..

In this article, we tried to list the best Turkish markets in Italy.



Turkmarketim.com is the only platform in Italy where you can buy Turkish products on-line. The web site  Works with Amazon.it and lists the Turkish related flavors and also products like apparel,  electronic devices, cooking accessories from a single point of access. You can search several Turkish / Greek, / Balcan related items in a single window and then go and directly buy via Amazon website through the links at the web site.

Turkish Coffee, Raki, Tea, Turkish Delight, Sumac, Pomegranate Sour, Halva, Carpet, Backgammon, Turkish books, Coffee and Tea Machines, Teapot, Coffee Pot, Evil Eye beads, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray fans can find many kinds of products together.

After clicking the product pages, you can access Amazon through the buttons on the relevant product pages and purchase them online via Amazon.

Web site address: www.turkmarketim.com


Kara Mamo Market (Milan)

Kara Mamo market, which was established in 2014, offers many Turkish grocery products. Although the Turkish owner of the market has changed in 2018,  it is still a Turkish product's market. It has also the Halal meat section and you can find Halal meat there. It is not possible to reach the Kara Mamo Market directly by metro or tramway, you will have to walk after tramway or Metro. Or you can go by bus, car or bike instead. You can take the bus which has the number 57.

Address: Via Varesina, 51, 20156 Milano


Istanbul Turk Market (Milan)

Istanbul Turk Market, which established in 2019, offers Turkish products mostly supplied from Turkish producers in Germany and France. It has a meat section and offers halal meat. The owner is Turkish who has lived in Milan for many years. He was also a buffet restaurant close to the market. You can reach the market in about 10 minutes by walking after you get off at Central Train Station by Green Line Metro or Sondrio Metro Station by Yellow Line Metro.

Address: Via Ponte Seveso, 42, 20125, Milan


Kılıç Market (Modena)

Kılıç Market in Modena offers several Turkish products. There's no meat section. The market offers pasteurized meat and dairy products.

Address: Viale A. Gramsci, 65, 41122 Modena


Istanbul Bereket Market (Rome)

Istanbul Bereket Market, located in Rome, has both Turkish and Arabic products. There is also a meat section.

Address: Via degli Aceri, 72a, 00172 Rome


Bizim Market (Como)

Located in Como, Bizim Market offers Turkish food as well as kitchen & dining products like glasses, Turkish coffee sets. The supermarket does not have a meat section.

Address: Via Domenico Pino, Como 22100



Arab and Indian Grocery / Mini markets

Even if there are mostly no Turkish products in these stores or markets, you are likely to find products suitable for Turkish cuisines such as Çekirdek, Tahin, and Bulgur.


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