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 Where can I find Turkish products in Spain?

Spain is one of the countries where the Turkish population is the least in Europe compared to the country's population. Accordingly, access to Turkish products is very limited and it is very difficult to find a quality Turkish meal in Spain. It is almost impossible to find a Turkish supermarket or grocery store in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and also in other cities of Spain

In this article, we wanted to list the Turkish markets and searched for Barcelona, Madrid and other cities of Spain but there is currently no local Turkish market.

On the other hand, you can buy Turkish products online from some e-commerce websites and also you can find some products from international grocery stores.



Turkmarketim.com is the most comprehensive and useful platform where you can buy Turkish products on-line in Spain.

The web site works with Amazon.es and lists the Turkish related flavors and also products like apparels,  electronic devices, cooking accessories from a single point of access. You can search several Turkish / Greek, / Balcan related items in a single window and then go and directly buy via Amazon website through the links at the web site.

You can find on the website Turkish Coffee, Raki, Tea, Turkish Delight, Sumac, Baklava, Pomegranate Sour, Halva, Carpet, Backgammon, Turkish books, Coffee and Tea Machines, Teapot, Coffee Pot, Evil Eye beads, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray fan products, etc.

After clicking the product pages, you can access Amazon through the buttons on the relevant product pages and purchase them online via Amazon.

Website address: www.turkmarketim.com




You can find Turkish products on this website. You can reach the relevant food and beverage products in the store section of the Site.

Address: elturco.es.



Alimentacion turca

This online market, which operates through the Facebook page, functions more as a warehouse. It ships its products through this warehouse. As far as we can see from Facebook pages and posts, response times are a bit long.

Address: You can search on Facebook as Alimentación Turca.


Amana Supermarket

You can find products such as bulgur and tahin in this mini market which has actually an Arabic origin. Turkish coffee is occasional but not always available.

Address: Calle de Esteban Mora, 2, 28027 Madrid

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